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The new Spectrum pressure vessel utilizes a revolutionary integrated, top and bottom plate distribution system to give up to 30% higher resin efficiencies than standard systems allow. The vessel itself is dearer than the standard ones but will soon pay for itself in the amount of resin saved.

Enabling 100% of the resin to be used, the vessel comes with a new integrated distribution system to maximise the resins full capacity and reduce resin channelling.

Key product features:
Integrated distribution - Not only does the special distribution system allow for higher resin yields, up to 30% more, but also saves time and money during servicing eliminating the need to re-bed the distribution system.

High resin efficiency - The design of the integrated distribution system means greater resin efficiency by eliminating top and bottom dead zones while also removong the liklihood of channelling.
Food safe - Made from 100% non-toxic recycled polypropylene materials, the pressure vessel is guaranteed food safe.
Maintenance made simple - With a unique resin refill system, media changes for the SPECTRUM pressure vessels are quick and simple to do.

Improved performance - Constructed from injection-moulded thermally welded polypropylene, the tanks strength is superior to composite vessels offering enhanced durability.

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