Water Purification

Water purification can be a minefield and your reach and wash results can rest upon the purifcation of your water.  Our range of products enable you to purify your water with the use of cartridges and sediment capture blocks.  We also sell products that will enable you to deionise your water.  To measure the prification of your water we sell a number of TDS meters that allow you to check in PPM (Parts Per Million) any impurities within the water.  We sell a range of water storage tanks for either the storage of water for transfer into your van or tanks for the van itself.  We can provide you with a range of sizes however in our experience the 1000 litre is ideal for storage in the garage/depot and the 650 litre tank is idaeal for use in most vans.  We have been using these systems for some years now and can offer you advice on what storage tank would suit you and your window cleaning round.

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GE Merlin RO Sediment Water Filter: •The GE Merlin is a 10 Micron Sediment Prefilter for the GE Mer..