Minibore and Microbore Fittings

Minibore and Microbore Fittings
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6mm and 8mm Hosetails
These are used in conjunction with the 6mm and 8mm Endstops that we sell. We connect these to the en..
Endstop with male thread 1/4" and 3/8"
These fittings can be used on the female to female tap bodys that we stock or they can ..
Hozelock anti-snag adaptor with barb
Anti-snag aluminium hozelock adaptor with a 6mm hosetail to 1/2"  quick adapter. We use these w..
Microbore 1/4" male thread to tail
These can also be used for numerous applications including the valve / tap bodies that we sell. ..
microbore adapter 1/4" female thread.
This fitting can be used for various applications including the female to female valve / tap bodies ..
Pro hp end stop with tail 6mm 8mm 1/2"
We use these on our hoses between tank and reels as the water flow is alot better than the previous ..
Pro hp endstop 1/2" male thread
We use this fitting on all of our cox reels but as its a 1/2" thread it can be used on most reels. T..
Pro hp Hose Tail 1/2 male thread
These are compatible with the Y splitter and other pro hp endstops. ..
Pro hp hose tail 1/2" female thread
These can be used with any of the pro hp range and other applications. ..
Pro hp Hose Tail 6mm 8mm 13mm.
These hosetails can be used with any of the pro hp range that we stock. They have a far better flow ..
Rectus 21 Endstop with 6mm 8mm barb
Endstop with 1/4" female thread
These can be screwed onto the microbore male / female ball valves. ( these are the ones with the ..