Rhino safeclamp

Rhino safeclamp
Rhino safeclamp
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The Safeclamp incorporates strength speed and safety to provide a revolutionary ladder clamping system. The safeclamp uses a composite beam and stainless steel structure along with an anchor hook which makes the process of taking on and off very quick. This is a product that has been field tested by all of the corwoods staff over a 3 month period and has had no negative feedback at all. The corrossion resistence properites of it are also excellent. The clamp can accommodate up to 4 nestled ladder sections and comes with locks and spare keys. All in all a great product from Rhino.

20 G-Force Crash tested and TUVRheinland certified.


"The composite material used in the main beam is glass fibre reinforced nylon. The design has been optimized using 3D CAD stress analysis software. We have tested this beam against a conventional steel cross beam on our destruct test rig, and whilst the steel beam collapsed at around 500Kg load, the SafeClamp’s composite beam took around 1300Kg loaded in the same configuration."   Kevin - Rhino Products Limited

  • Manufactured from tough composite materials
  • Five times faster than standard ladder clamps
  • Accommodates up to four nested ladder sections
  • Built in matching locks
  • TUV safety approved and 20g crash tested
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Includes 1 pair (For additional Safe Clamps please adjust quantities in the basket)


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